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If you are thinking of building or renovating we believe you need to explore very early on the process what you can realistically achieve for your budget, you don’t need to wait until you have finalised construction drawings.

concept stage

At this stage we’ll gather information from you, over the phone, to learn more about your project and what you are hoping to achieve.

It also gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have about us or our work.

Before we go any further it’s important to see if we are the right fit for you.

We’ll set up an onsite meeting with our Builder at a convenient time for you.

Free quote

We provide a highly detailed quote that forms the basis of a fixed price contract.

All our quotes are presented in person so that we can have a detailed discussion about the scope of works, the costs, time frames and anything else you should be aware of.

Once our quote is accepted a fixed price contract is signed. 

The sooner you go to contract the sooner we can lock in a start date.


Before works commence we meet on site to introduce you to your dedicated site supervisor who will work exclusively on your project from start to finish.

We also schedule regular on-site meetings to discuss the works and make sure you are 100% happy with the project at all time.

If you are living in your property while building works are being performed, we take all steps to make it as comfortable as possible.


When your project is complete, we inspect our works with you & complete a comprehensive handover checklist. 

A final builder’s clean is performed and a full handover kit is provided. Important information regarding your household warranties, documents, spare keys etc are included in the kit.

featured brands


Gree Electric Appliances Inc. was founded in 1991, honoring as a “World Brand” and ranking No. 1 in household appliances industry section in the world’s top 500 public companies. Since 2005, Gree has topped No.1 in production and sales volume for 10 consecutive years, spreads to more than 160 countries with over 300 million users all across the world. Today Gree’s annual production capacity of RAC and CAC are more than 60 million sets and 5.5 million sets respectively.


The G.James Group of Companies is a family-owned, manufacturing business proudly specialising in the Australian-based production of aluminium windows & doors, building facades and aluminium extrusions. G.James is also a leading processor of secondary glass products including laminated, toughened and insulating glass units. The company’s interests extend into other entities supplying aluminium castings, street & park furniture and aluminium scaffolding & access equipment. Collectively the G.James Group forms Australia's largest and most diverse producer of glass and aluminium based products.


MONALISA GROUP CO., LTD founded in 1992, is a private joint-stock large-size ceramic enterprise integrating technology development, professional production and marketing, with over 1700 employees and 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries. MONALISA Group has 2 production bases, 19 modern building ceramic production lines and 2 porcelain panel production lines, with an annual output of 35 million square meters of various wall and floor tiles, porcelain panels and ceramic art products.


ROBAM is the pioneer of range hoods in China with 40 years of innovation leading in Chinese industry. As the recipient of Asia’s top 500 most influential brands, innovation and design awards holder, ROBAM having sold over 540 thousand range hoods in 2015 (China Market Monitor Co., Ltd 2016). According to Euromonitor Passport 2019ed., ROBAM is the top selling brand in Consecutive World range hood in 4 years running, and the top selling brand in China for 18 consecutive years.