A high quality cooktop not just for cooking, it can also be your lifestyle and decoration in your kitchen. Choose your dream gas hob base on your gas type, work burner and ignition. Find your customized cooktop by selecting different number of burners, different types of surface such as stainless steel or tempered glass. Don’t like gas cooktop? Our induction multifunction cooktop is right here for you!


ROBAM rangehood is the pioneer of range hoods in China with 40 years of innovation leading in Chinese industry. As the recipient of Asia’s top 500 most influential brands, innovation and design awards holder, ROBAM rangehood having sold over 540 thousand range hoods in 2015. ROBAM rangehood is the top selling rangehood in Consecutive World range hood in 4 years running, and the top selling brand in China for 18 consecutive years. With varied models and outlooks, ROBAM rangehood will delight your kitchen and make you love your kitchen more.


Jump out of heat and into the cool! A good air-conditioner can bring you out of desert and into ultimate comfort. Take your time in this section, and choose a temperature manager for your sweet home!


A good oven can make your life easier and provide you a pleasant cooking journey. In this section you can find varied types of oven. You can have electronic oven, or steam oven for your dreamed kitchen with different outlook, function, and style. Enjoy surfing in the oven’s world!


YDL Quartz stone is produced by using 93% natural quartz with 7% high-quality polymer resins and colourful pigments, wherein the mixed materials are compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense slabs. Advanced processing technology brings granite-like colours, enduring shine, super hardness and porous free quality which prevent it from any liquid penetration. Its antipollution texture has rarely been matched by other solid surfaces or natural stone. Therefore, it is wide used in the field of architectural decoration.

Curtain Services

Curtains and blinds are among the most versatile of window treatments: they can soften the feel of a room and have a major impact on a room’s décor, even functioning as a room divider.  Ms. Cloth carries curtain solutions for every room and taste, with made-to-measure curtains, blinds, shades, and more. From getting our in house designers to come to you for a free measure and quote, to installation we have you covered; from Gold Coast to Brisbane.


Timber flooring can provide a clean and tidy environment for your house and easy to maintain. Light colour timber flooring can create a natural relaxing atmosphere, and dark colour timber flooring will make your house a high-class and professional dwelling place. If you are a timbering floor lover, in this section you will find everything you need. Oak/euro, engineered, hybrid, vinyl, and bamboo, with varied textures and presentations, our floorings are all ready for you!


Lather carving can be used for home decoration or engineering project. Not just luxury appearance, leather carving are using waterproof and eco-friendly material to provide noise absorption and anti-flaming. There are 8 layers including decorative layer, waterproof layer, ware layer, spring back pugging, environment pugging, and three fire-retardant coatings. You will never regret to make your house a better place.


Welcome to our world of Wallpaper and Wall coverings! We have a huge range of beautiful wallpapers to create ambience and atmosphere in your home. From subtle designs to more contemporary and colourful, each designer’s wallpaper stunning in their own right to delight your room! We hope you enjoy your journey through our wallpaper collections.


Welcome to the world of tiles! Our tiles offer super premium quality homogeneous tiles with Italian design. We provide you a wide range of materials for different home decoration styles at various sizes and best quality. We assure you that you will find what you want, and we wish you have a pleasant time here!


Our kitchen renovation plans are all tailor made. Basing on your housing size, light direction, electricity, and pluming, our most experiencing designers will give you your most desirable kitchen renovation plan. In Kongs, you are welcome to choose your favourite cupboard, cooktop, stone, range hood, tiles and more to make the kitchen as yours. Tell us what you like, and we make your dream come true!


A well designed and renovated bathroom can bring you out of stress and back to a relaxing mood. Our experiencing interior designer can help you to design your ideal bathroom. In Kongs you can feel free to choose your favourite tub, washbasin, and countertop and more. Because the most desirable bathroom is not only in your imagination, with our products and service, you can step in your dream bathroom tomorrow.

Brick Cladding

Finish façade material with the look and warmth of brick but without the weight.Brick tiles are the perfect façade material for new builds, renovations, shop fitouts whether used in residential, commercial or industrial buildings. The product can be used internally and externally.Suitable substrate includes properly prepared fibre cement sheets, masonry and concrete surfaces.Each brick series is available with optional brick return external corners.  The use of this option ensures you get full real brick look.