Air conditioner
Jump out of heat and into the cool! A good air-conditioner can bring you out of desert and into ultimate comfort.
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Gree employs over 4,500 R&D staff in 3 research institutions and 3 product development centres. Gree has over 300 accredited Labs, 3,500 patents in the field of air conditioning cooling and heating.
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Since 1979, ROBAM have been the pioneer of high extraction rangehood. We have dedicated our research and development to high performance range hoods tailored to removing the smoke, grease and odour associated with Asian cooking.
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Range Hood
Powerful!Quiet!Easy to Clean! ​ ​
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Your best kitchen expert!
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Prorate and tailor-made renovation styles will create a professional and reliable environment for both of you and your customers. Our renovation projects will never let you down.

A comfortable and relaxing renovation style will make your house more than a liveable area, but an enjoyable sweet home for you and your family. Kongs can help you make your home a better place!

The Australian Dream is to live and own in your Dream Home. We at Kongs Constructions are dedicated to help fulfill that dream for everyone.

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Our ambition is to provide our customer with the widest range of home improvement products, in accordance with our one-stop service. From the very beginning, we help you to make a tailor-made renovation plan, and we assist you to select most suitable materials, then our most experiencing professionals commence construction for you, and we will keep providing reliable customer service to guarantee your satisfaction. We are aiming to delight your building with our talent and quality service. You are always welcome to visit our warehouse and experience our showroom by yourself. Make your tailor-made renovation plan, get a free quote, and get rid of your trouble!

Watch vr to learn more !

Our dearest customer, here we have prepared some VR 3D showrooms for you. When you open the VR, you are experiencing it personally on the scene. We hope you enjoy it and have great time.

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